Today enterprise IT departments face towering challenges, they must keep up with rapid innovations in cloud computing, digital trends, mobile app development, new techniques in social media and the internet. Finding a candidate with the right combination of skills to meet modern technological needs is no mean feat. However, there are some tips that can help you do that.

• Make diversity part of every conversation
Make diversity part of your organisation’s everyday dialect. Diversity is not a checkbox exercise, it must be embedded into everything you do. As an HR you need to keep track of how everything is done supports your diversity efforts. If it is not, then you need to rethink. Whether it is making sure a woman sits on every hiring panel so that a female candidate is always interviewed by at least one other woman or setting goals for recruiters that align to the available diverse talent pool. These measurements seem much hard work initially, but recognising the huge gains it offers, there is no stopping.

• Rethink the resume
This one is another great tactic in finding the candidate with right skills. In fact, only about 23% cybersecurity professionals believe that an IT degree adequately prepares students for a role in their industry and yet most of the job descriptions today request a bachelor’s degree. However, being an HR, you need to lay emphasis on skills and real-world experience. You need a team that isn’t rooted in formal education. Instead, you need people with passion, collaboration and excitement about solving problems.

• Own up to your biases
The first step to overcome unintentional bias is recognising it. You need to look at your current team and assess whether they are similar in education, race, ability or gender. When you hire candidates are you looking for the ones who think like you or include someone who might think differently? Our brains are wired so we naturally gravitate towards people who look and act like the existing set. However, the next time you are hiring, just think about that people who you are choosing have thought diversity.

The above-mentioned are the tips to deal with tech talent crisis.